Our Story

Started with Android development in 2015 CoreMacasia Technologies expanded its way to development in various other technologies from Windows Desktop Application to Chip Level Programming. CoreMacasia realized the potential among the students those are willing to learn and wanted to change the way of traditional education, this gave birth to our training wing where we turn student into developer by a developer. 

The idea of training came when we wanted to train our developer ourselves. After training we decided to hire only the best. Our core team members have 10+ years of experience in their field. 

CoreMacasia has been developing a social network from 2 years which is soon going to be available in upcoming months. The idea of social network is to create india’s social network. The project was started by founder of CoreMacasia Technologies and is totally designed developed by him..

Qualified Trainers

We have team of developers from IITs, IIITs and NITs and our Developers who develop our application and also train students.

Best Results

Training by developers has left traditional teaching far away. Here your get what you need to be in professional senario.

Internship Offers

We choose our developers from our trainees only, so you can be in our development team also if you qualify for internship.

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