We know the difficulties faced by aspirant like you so we have divided the course in two parts:

  1. Core Andriod Development
  2. Advanced Android Development

Core Android Development comprises of all the basic building structure of Android Development.

Advanced Android Development comprises of uses of Core Android development, in this phase we teach learner to make professional app using Database. Our final app will be a WhatsApp like chat App.

What Student will learn at the end of the course

Our Aim is to automate students in developing android. Once they learn it properly they will be eligible to learn more by themselves.

We aim from zero to hero. The course completion will enable students to make professional apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Food Delivery App.

Course Material – Android App Development

  • Core Android Development
    • Prerequisites (Java for Android)
    • Android Architecture
    • Android Engine
      • Understanding Gradle and how to use it
      • Adding external libraries
      • Setting Up Manifest
    • Understanding Android Studio for Real-time Development
      • Debugger
      • Logger
      • Understanding Resource Folder
      • ADB
    • Material UI (Using XML Only, We don’t encourage drag and drop)
      • Root Layouts
      • Recycler View
      • Tab Layouts
      • Spinners, Dialog Boxes
      • Animation and Custom Design
      • Buttons, Text Views, Edit Text, Image Views
    • Activities
    • Fragments
    • Intents
    • Shared Preferences
    • Event Listeners
    • Content Providers


  • Advanced Android Development
    • Notifications
    • Broadcast Receiver & Services
    • Google Maps
    • Firebase Authentication
      • Google Authentication
      • Mobile Number Authentication (Using OTP)
    • Firebase Database
      • Understanding Firebase
      • Database connection with app
      • Understanding No-SQL structure of Firebase Database
  • Reading & Writing in Firebase Database
  • Firebase Database rules
  • Google Ad-Mob integration
  • Firebase storage
  • SQL Lite Database
  • Publishing app in Google Playstore
  • Post Publishing app requisites
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