Course Description

The concept of VLSI integrated circuits on a single chip. It is a technique of implementation circuit designing that provides computational speed. Thus, this technique provides lesser area and volume. This in turn helps to reduce compactness, testing requirements , power consumption , increases reliability, speed and helps in cost savings. With the increasing growth of demand, this field has therefore created a huge impact in manifesting large scale application and profitability.

Thus, the futuristic growth and prosperity of this field in private and public sectoris endless both nationally and internationally. Training in this field can help you create your own real time projects and research oriented perspective.

Our objective is to give the student a perspective to create a technology of combined functionality. Today, microchips are becoming smaller and smaller. With such demand, more research is required in the field .This course is specially designed for the students to be able to create self-designed projects and research in the future.

Course Instructor


Ahmed Faraz

Pursuing M.Tech from NIT Rourkela specialises in IoT, Machine Learning & Python



Introduction to VLSI

A fast forward class to the industy standards in VLSI chips.


Basics of VLSI (Low Key)

Learn about the basic structures behind flip-flops, clocks and other components.

  • Low Key (Basic
  • 1.Clock gated 4-bit Johnson counter
  • Adiabatic logic based low power MUX/DEMUX
  • Ripple carry and carry skip adders
  • Flip flops for high performance VLSI application
  • Architecture for discrete Fourier Transform Computation


Advanced Structures

Learn about Digital Signals, Image Processing, Arithmatic Cores.

  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Digital Communication and Information Theory
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Arithmetic Core and Digital electronics


Communication and Network Security

Learn about Cryptographic science in embedded systems.

  • Compact 32-bit AES design for embedded system
  • Design for AES core architecture for portable hard disk
  • Efficient implementation of Reconfigurable wrapped Digital Filters